MUST KNOW Cyprus Car Rental Information

This page covers frequently asked questions and questions you should be asking before hiring or renting vehicles and cars in Cyprus.


Will my vehicle be a new vehicle?

Yes! All our rental cars are never older than 5 years old.


Recently, the Cyprus government extended the the age of a vehicle that can be hired to the public from 5 years to 15 years. We as a company that prides ourselves on putting the car rental customer first, never allow any of our cars to exceed 5 years. What does this mean to you, this means that you will always be given a safe and reliable vehicle.

Will my car be at the airport waiting for me?


Will I have to get on a shuffle bus to your office to collect my vehicle?


Will I be personally escorted to my vehicle by a member of Stevens staff?


Will I be asked to pay additional fees when I arrive?


If I need to speak to a member of Stevens at anytime of the day or night, will my call be answered by a person (human not answer machine or automated service)?


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